Richard Watson

Sports Therapist Richard Watson

Richard Watson

Sports Therapist

Richard Watson has had experience of playing sport at professional, semi-professional & at amateur level. Richard now works as a sports massage therapist for international sports men & women, national & local athletes, sports teams and the every day person who suffer with muscular problems.

ABOUT Richard Watson

Since setting up his company Apache Brave he has been involved in several massage local and national sports events helping  athletes prepare for their competitions. Richard has helped many international athletes in their pursuit for sporting glory.

Richard was head sports massage therapist at an International hockey tournament in 2007 & worked exclusively with the New Zealand women's masters' hockey team who reached the final of the event. Other highlights was  working closely with Mark Wood international polar explorer who embarked on a world first of trying to reach the North and South Pole back to back unaided. Richard provided Mark with recovery from injury and set Mark an intensive training plan to help build his fitness before the challenge.

Richard Watson's highlight of his career so far is working at both the Olympic and Paralympics games of London 2012 as a sports massage therapist.

"Being heavily involved in the worlds biggest sporting event providing sports massage is my greatest achievement so far, and it was held in my home city of Coventry which made it even better, I am very proud to represent my industry, my city and my country, it was a great feeling"

Richard has been involved in sport since a small child, always striving to achieve greatness and fulfillment in which ever sport he took his hand too. Richard encouraged others to take up sport as a way of staying fit and also to give a feeling of self-worth. Leaving school Richard embarked on many sport training course gaining valuable coaching qualifications while also studying Recreation & Sports management.
From 1990 Richard worked as freelance sports coach, working with local sport centres, schools and the English Football Association, coaching young and teenage children the skills and the morals of sport.
Continuing his knowledge Richard upgraded his skills by becoming a sports massage therapist/sports therapist, it was the next step in what was an already rewarding career. Having suffered serious injury himself Richard could see the benefits of sports massage in the aid of recovery from injury, surgery and any muscular problems.
Mark Wood Exploer

Don’t take our word for it

“In the short time Richard has been working on the injuries I have some incredible improvement in my training. I can't recommend him enough for his excellent work”
Mark Wood International Exploer

Richard Watson's Training and Qualifications

Richard Watson study record

Warwick University
Oxford University
Loughborough University
Premier Training International
Peak Performance Training
DNAFit Academy
John Gibbons Masterclass Training
Football Association Training
Dudley College
Hinkley & North Warwickshire College
ATLAS Sports College
Solihull Sports College

Richard Watson's'
Qualifications and Skill Certifications

Sports Therapy
Sports Massage Therapy
Personal Trainer
    Cycle Studio Instructor
    Sports Coach (various sports)
Posture Analysis and Corrective Exercise
    DNAFit certified Trainer
    Nutritional Advice for Physical Exercise
    Suspension training Instructor
    Small Group Instructor
    Boot Camp Instructor
    Circuit Training Instructor
    Sports Tape strapping
    Supportive Taping and Strapping
    Gym Instructor
    Ultrasound Therapist

Bodymaster and Joint Manipulation in

    Cervical Spine (neck)
    Hip and Groin
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