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Apache Brave Racing is a cycling team club based in Coventry and Warwickshire with riders competing in road races , time trials, hill climbs and sportive events.

Established in 2016 Apache Brave Racing has a strong team ethos. The team contains several good experienced cyclist and also several riders new to cycling.

This is a young club with bags of potential and the ability to help you progress your fitness, health and cycling to new heights.

We aim to ride with a strong team ethic and to support each other to achieve results and to improve as individuals while working as a team.

Apache Brave Racing is more than a Cycling Club

We know and believe that cycling is a great way to improve your fitness and health that's why we have our own cycling club based in Coventry. If you would like to start cycling or improve your cycling ability Apache Brave Racing will help you gain the results.

Apache Brave Racing participates in:Road Races, Time Trials, Circuit Races, Sportive rides
Be part of something exciting, we're a young & new cycling club which is based in the heart of Coventry and  Warwickshire, we are always looking for new cyclist of any ability, join us.

Apache Brave Racing  is more than just another cycling club in Coventry, we want each member to feel part of our team of cyclist, a community that has one aim of improving their own cycling abilities while encouraging other members to reach new heights while becoming fitter at the same time. Being part of Apache Brave Racing will be fun and rewarding with our cyclist following a similar journey competing in the cycling events and following similar cycling training plans; with the aim  to get our members achieving  success in events whether that is in Sportives, Cycle Road Race, Cycle Time Trials or even just Go Sky Rides; we are here to help & offer advice for those that are competing that way we all share the same memories.
Extra Benefits of our club

We hope to bring a new style of cycling club; a club that can offer professional customized paid & non paid services like:
  • sports massage & sports therapy
  • cycle coaching
  • personal training plans
  • Cycle Training Camps
  • Cycling Group Holidays Abroad
  • Team social nights out
These service will help during recovery or injury; set you on the right path to improve your cycling ability or  for when you need to improve your fitness off the bike.

Of course there is no pressure or need to sign up to any training plans, or any paid services they are there only to help and support you along your journey to becoming a better & fitter cyclist.

You can join our club and enjoy the ride, with these extra benefits

Think of our cycle club being like a touring pro cycling team, all following the same journey the same cycling events and the same cycle training plans. You are not just a cycling club member you are part of our team. Very much like a pro cycling team

Who can join Apache Brave Racing?

  • Who enjoys cycling
  • Wants to improve their fitness and ability
  • Relatively new to cycling
  • Would like to enter Sportive events
  • Would like to compete in Cycling Time Trials
  • Would like to compete in Cycle Road Races
  • Who lives in Coventry & Warwickshire

If you would like to join our revolutionary new Coventry Cycling team send us an email with a brief bio about yourself and what you are looking for from a club and we can let you know if we think you would enjoy our set up, we believe you will.

Want to see more benefits or  join now? sign up here

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