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Our Charity Work

Events Massages are a great way to introduce the public to the benefits of sports massage therapy, but even better is the ability to raise much needed money for charities. Over the years we have been privileged to have worked for some large charity organizations like The Prince’s Trust and Action.Org helping to raise money and relieve muscular tension as part of the charities event.

Benefiting the body and soul

The Prince’s Trust run an event called Palace to Palace West Midlands, a cycle event that starts at Warwick castle, then a 45 mile bike ride around the Warwickshire area taking in Kenilworth castle before returning back to Warwick castle, this is where the trust sets up an end village area for their riders and family members. The end village is also where we set up our sports massage area; the riders pay a small fee to the trust which enables them to have a sports massage which helps speeds recovery.
It’s always a busy day as the riders are from all different abilities so they arrive throughout the event and are always in need of a sports massage.

Comment from Richard Watson
"Providing a sports massage after the event is the perfect way to flush away any lactic acid that has built up in the body, it helps to speed up recovery while also giving the client a bit of down time. Events massage is the best way to finish an event while also benefiting the charities at the same time. The team really enjoys being part of these events, it's a great way to meet new people and see old faces"

Similar to The Prince’s Trust event is’s event; this is also a cycle ride around Warwickshire. The event which is called Diva 100 Warwickshire is a 100 mile cycle ride but is just for female cycle riders only. Once again the riders were eager to benefit for the sports massage on offer that day.
Other cycle events we have helped raise money for are The Shakespeare 100 and Mike Vaughn’s Warwickshire 100 both raising money for cancer research charities.
These events are always great to be part of as you get to meet many people and are able to show them what sports massage is all about.

As the organizer of the sports massage area I’m always wanting to get new therapists involved in events massage, I have good affiliate links with several local universities where I’m able to offer their students the chance to experience dealing with the public and sporting events, I believe it’s a great way to get hands on learning and to build much needed confidence. As part of my team I also bring in other more experienced sports massage therapists as these events can get very busy and you need quality hands to deliver the perfect massage.

The Prince's Trust would like to thank you Richard, and your team; again you guys were amazing in delivering the support the charity needs for these tough events, the feedback we get from our riders about your massages are nothing but praise.

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I didn’t see you stop all day, you were very popular! We are very grateful you managed to step in at short notice, I think we would have had a revolt on our hands with no sports massage at the end  as we had promised. Hope we can work with you again soon.
We have raised thousands of pounds for charity; why not book us for your sports event. Here are some other charity events we have worked on.

The Prince's Trust Palace to Palace WM

Diva 100 Warwickshire

Ladies Day Dallas Burston Polo Club

Mike Vaughn's Warwickshire 100

Shakespeare Spring 100

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